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Development Potential

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Development Potential

We use CPA, LPA, and IRIS tools to determine an individual’s development potential.

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CPA (Career Path Appreciation)

This is a one-to-one guided conversation designed for mid- to senior-level individuals or high-potential employees, typically lasting around three hours, which includes some initial feedback and explanation followed by a written report. Potential uses of the tool include:

• talent pool formation and/or validation

• key management positions succession planning

• current and potential roles fit determination

• a management team’s capability to create and implement organizational strategy analysis

• promoting internal and hiring external senior individuals

• choosing a successor to the CEO of the company

This tool helps identify specific markers of thinking that correspond to the appreciated individual’s capability level. Each marker has been identified and verified during original research conducted in the 1970’s and early 80’s at the Brunel Institute of Organisation and Social Studies (BIOSS), STR Suite partner. Using this tool, we determine the current capability and development potential of an individual, helping our clients make informed decisions about appointments to the next positions, depending on the current level of capability and development prognosis up to the later stages of an individual’s career.

Based on the results of the interview, our clients receive a detailed report analyzing the employee’s current capability and forecasting potential development until the end of their career. The report also includes recommendations for improving the employee’s performance based on their capability, the speed of their career growth, future roles complexity within the existing or planned organizational structure, as well as in connection with the strategic goals of the company.

The interview is carried out once individually. In case of a management team or a separate function assessment project, individual results can be visualized on a single graph and analyzed to better understand team capability development potential within the framework of the organization’s strategic goals and overall talent management strategy.

LPA (Linked Psychometric Appreciation)

LPA is an online assessment tool consisting of a battery of online psychometric tests, each with proven validity. It provides insights on an individual’s teamwork approach, conflict handling, work styles, learning and managerial styles, as well as change focus.It also explores an individual’s approach to team functions and management themes.

LPA diagnoses personal behaviour, derailers and areas for improvement, and is very useful when assessing top team dynamics and interoperability. It can be conducted once every 1,5 years. Assessment system functionality allows to integrate client’s corporate values and competencies with LPA scales, creating integrated graphics which can be helpful when assessing team coherence and identifying pathways for team development.

Combined with CPA results LPA findings paint an in-depth picture of an individual’s development potential and overall approach to work.


IRIS (Initial Recruitment Interview Schedule)

IRIS is designed to assess entry-level graduates and interns, as well as young professionals with less than 3 years of work experience; IRIS’ approach is based on the CPA methodology.

IRIS is a practical tool that enables our clients to identify high potentials very early in their career. This powerful tool identifies and provides opportunities to establish long-term career paths for unique High-Pos. Additionally it helps calibrate young professionals and properly adapt their training and development programs.

IRIS can easily be implemented in-house. It reduces substantially worthless training and development costs.

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