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Determining Development Potential

Development PotentialSTR is an individual's ability to think strategically and make decisions under conditions of uncertainty, taking into account as many factors as possible.

Unique tools CPA and LPA allow our clients to determine the development potential of an individual and give a prognosis regarding their development until the end of their career, helping to create a long-term individual development plan in accordance with the Company's strategy.

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Finding Talents

Working in Russia since 1994, we have accumulated extensive experience and expertise in individual search. Working under the guidance of experienced partners ensures that we have a deep understanding of the specifics of the Russian market, taking into account global best practices.

We are the only company that can objectively assess the performance of employees using a unique capability formula.

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Helping You Create an Effective Talent Management System

Using our tools ORO and Humtech Digital, we help management teams integrate employee development potential and personal characteristics, management dynamics and organizational structure into a cohesive system.

An effective talent system completes our work cycle, helping to create and/or improve the long-term succession planning for the organization.

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Implementing Smart Organizational Structure

Understanding our clients' strategic direction and ambitions, we partner with them on their journey to create a smart and sustainable operating model, based on stratified systems theory.

We help create an agile structure adapted to the strategic intent of the company, providing space for innovation as well as for the realization of the vision.

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Helping You Find the Leverage Point for Change

We conduct an in-depth organizational diagnosis on all management levels. Using our unique methodology we help identify limitations in the structure of the client organization that stall the organization's strategy implementation, and find the leverage point for change that will restart the mechanism of change and adapt it to the external context.

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Helping You Make Sense of the Context

We conduct in-depth organizational research in partnership with leading academic and educational institutions to understand key changes related to both external and internal organizational change, and to identify best practices in both individual industries and companies of different sizes, ownership and market conditions.

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Our services

25 years’ Expertise in Talent Search, Assessment and Management

Our company dates back almost to the beginning of the individual search industry and is one of the pioneers of the industry in Russia.

Our team has accumulated unique expertise and retained core consultants that have gone through all the stages of development of the individual search and assessment consulting market.

Our team has completed thousands of searches in various industries both in Russia and abroad.

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Our expert opinion on labor market trends, leadership and organizational development issues in the modern context can be found in leading business publications:​

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