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The Requisite
Organization - Part 3

Old-fashioned or timeless?

Last of 3 parts on the methodology that inspired the creation of the STR Suite.

Sophie Vergnas

Fair pay and compensation system

Eliott Jaques recognises the value added of any position in an organisation, without regard to the title or span of control: large teams, small teams or individual contributors, and it has inspired grading systems and is based on:

•   Freedom to act
•   Value added (task complexity)
•   Challenges faced
•   Resource Management
•   Internal & External Relationships
•   Time Frame

Eliott Jaques’ core axiom relates to fairness, including pay and how to engage employees with equitable incentives. The balance of the elements of pay must take into account the essence of the work of the recipient of the pay.
In this essence, the higher you are in the hierarchy, the less sense short-term bonuses make.

At the end of the day, is this theory up to date? Did it stand the test of time?
We truly believe the methodology to be simple, applicable and can solve many of our hurdles towards strategy implementation.
We at STR Suite believe this is a timeless and obvious way of bringing purpose to any organisation.