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How we work

How we work

How we help you
shape your success.

Our approach combines a deep knowledge of people with scientifically-proven thinking. The result is a unique methodology that enables you to reshape your structure to fit your goals.

How we work

The secret to
to our methodology.

Our methodology is flexible and can be adapted to any organisation’s context and internal resources. We truly believe that any company is unique and operates in its very own environment; our work is based on judgement and context rather than comparison with benchmarks.

Our principles:

  • There are no standard ‘one size fits all’ recipes
  • People and structure have to be looked at through the same prism
  • Internal resources are underestimated
  • Systems drive behavior; transformation cannot be separated from cultural change


An organisation is nothing without its people; we put them at the heart of our methodology. Using the concept of flow, we help you understand what work is best suited to individual capabilities. Capability is a concept that gives a holistic approach to individuals and helps understanding the key components of performance. Understanding capability is one of the key training programs that we have developed. This enables our clients to improve how they manage their people.


A good structure is organised with functions and hierarchy. The CEO is the captain of the organisation whose role is to set the vision. A well organised structure enables the CEO to cascade this vision by defining the work to be done on every layer. A structure consists of layers, processes, and people. Any organisation needs to highlight and separate the following aspects: ideology and framework, business to run, future to think of, and support to organise.


At all levels of an organisation, decisions must be made to get things done. We introduce the management wheel that enhances leadership behaviour. This model enables managers to properly task their subordinates to empower them within their capabilities and assess their results fairly. By implementing this wheel, leadership excellence becomes part of the organisations’ culture.