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Exercise ‘Surpassion’ Planning,
Not Succession Planning

Our methodology allows leaders to fully involve themselves and their team in their own development process, thereby helping to launch and give impetus to an active renewal of the talent pool. It also makes it possible to identify the future top managers of the organization at an early stage of their career, and support their development ahead of time.

WRA (Working Relationships Appreciation)

WRA is a comprehensive online system of interrelated questionnaires, the analysis of responses to which allows our clients to see the organization through the eyes of an employee or a group of employees, assessing the quality of its key working relationships between the assessed employee and their environment (peers, subordinates, and managers) and determining how the person utilizes their capability at work and whether they are in “flow”.

WRA does not measure how well or poorly an individual performs at their job or possesses corporate competencies – the system helps to understand how the individual’s working relationship affects their job, and the extent to which the organization’s current role and corporate culture allow them to fulfill their potential.

Unlike 360 assessments, WRA provides clear and visible results, and opens opportunities for employee development by identifying disruptive work relationships, from which accurate and practical individual development plans can quickly be created.

The WRA is helpful to:

• measure the effectiveness of managerial style, identifying strengths and development areas of an individual, and adjusting their leadership style.

• measure the effectiveness of various working relationships throughout the organization to create an environment conducive to the implementation of corporate strategy.

• create accurate and practical individual development plans for managers and high-potential employees of all levels, including coaching programs.

• adapt new employees and/or during internal promotion of an employee to a new role in the organization.

HumTech Digital

Based on the Three-Level Team model*, this online questionnaire’s findings allow to resolve the following situations:

1)Determine the potential of the talent pool (50+∞) within the team / current organization

2)Identify the employees’ strengths and development areas within their role context

3)Determine the employees’ behavior patterns within their work context

4)Determine the employees’ level of competencies (universal competencies can be adapted to the request of any company)

HumTech Digital uniqueness:

1)Holistic approach to employee appreciation in one report: Potential, Performance, Competencies, Motivation, Behavior

2)Objectivity due to a trilateral employee appreciation (engaging managers at different levels of the hierarchy with a corresponding individual perspective)

3)Accuracy: the system allows you to identify erroneous / biased / invalid assessments of all participants

4)Customizability: the system relies on the working context of a particular organization, drawing on the most valuable input, i.e., knowing the employees ‘from the inside’

5)Adaptability: smooth integration with internal corporate values and competencies

HumTech Digital is the key element required to build an effective Talent management system

*this model engages operational management members into the talent management process


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benefits. They cover essential topics as: structure alignment, delayering opportunities, approach to organisational leadership, talent recognition and cultural changes. Our workshops are designed for those interested in people driven transformation and change.

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