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What we offer

What we offer

All leadership needs under
one roof

Excellence in leadership requires the right talent doing the right job and the correct work dynamics.
The outcome is a set of healthy decision-making practices where each person’s participation is maximized. We operate across 3 areas of expertise:

- Executive Search
- Leadership style & potential assessment and
Development Programs
- Transformation and Organisational Design

Leadership style and
Potential Assessment, Development Programmes

Inspired by the Requisite Organisation methodology, we support management teams by integrating human potential, management dynamics, personal characteristics and organisational design into one unified system.

This system delivers a healthy decision-making environment and maximizes each person’s potential.

Our methodologies and tools:

CPA, LPA, WRA, Development Guidance

CPA - Career Path Appreciation
CPA is a multi-faceted way to understand how a person uses their judgement, by analysing past, current and future situations. This tool is unique and scientifically validated; it appreciates the potential development of an individual.
Linked Psychometric Appreciation (LPA)
LPA is a scientifically proven online psychometric assessment tool. It provides insights on teamwork approach, conflict handling, work styles, learning and managerial styles, as well as change focus. LPA diagnoses personal behaviour, derailers and areas for improvement.
Working Relationships Appreciation (WRA)
WRA is an online tool used to appreciate an individual's reasoning and behaviour patterns. This appreciation is built on the way a person connects, works and communicates with their environment.
Development Guidance
We offer a range of individual mentoring and training sessions. Each fully-customisable session is designed to refresh and challenge your thinking around work and life.

Transformation and Organisational Design

Analysis of your organisation’s existing structure and highlighting any deficiencies or misaligned processes, from an overall structure redesign, down to assessing each position.
This process includes also the analysis of your organisation’s accountabilities, responsibilities and values, and match your internal resources to your future needs.

Our methodologies and tools

Organisational Design Methodology, Talent System, IRIS, Executive Board Support

Organisational Design Methodology
Our methodology is inspired by and adapted from two bodies of scientific research into the nature of work: Requisite Organisation (RO) philosophy and Stratified Systems Theory (SST).
Together, they form the basis of our tools - designed to unlock the inner strengths of both businesses and individuals. We engage our clients to transform their perception of work and people, so that they apply this transformation mindset to their decision-making.
Additionally we use internal tools like ORA and HumTech that are registered products assessing work capacity and complexity.
Talent System
Our talent system shapes your internal processes for building a succession pool. This approach uncovers an individual's readiness to grow through a two-step process. It assesses their attributes and potential for growth, alongside their long term engagement and performance.
Initial Recruitment Interview Schedule (IRIS)
IRIS is designed to assess entry level graduates and interns, as well as young professionals with less than 3 years of work experience; IRIS’ approach is based on the CPA methodology. IRIS is a practical inhouse tool that enables our clients to identify high potentials very early in their career.
Executive Board Support
Our comprehensive program not only delivers findings but enables us to execute on them. We also see team dynamics as a whole that can only truly be assessed by taking into account the perception of every team member. To do this we offer team facilitation with complete confidentiality, as well as services from strategy support and team structure linkage to facilitation and board assessment.

Starting your
transformation journey

Discover how our services can help you deploy your strategy through our workshop.

1 – 2 day (off/online) workshops provide an excellent opportunity to discover our methodology and its
benefits. They cover essential topics as: structure alignment, delayering opportunities, approach to organisational leadership, talent recognition and cultural changes. Our workshops are designed for those interested in people driven transformation and change.

For more information, contact us.

Our workshop